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The Elon Musk Smartphone...
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iPhone 12 Pro MAX Unboxing
iPhone 12 Bend Test
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Unboxing the Apple Mask
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Have You Heard of Soundcore?
Raja Pred 17 urami
GEORGE CLOONEY at 4:19 just helping you guys to win one of these
Embpsay Pred 17 urami
It is really realy good beer ..
obada safi
obada safi Pred 17 urami
who liked how he flexed studio lighting !
Gergo Viczian
Gergo Viczian Pred 17 urami
Matte version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ aura glow color
A RE Pred 17 urami
The recent poll shows people hate the S21 series also blamed reviewers of NO more headphone jack, removable battery, refuse glass back ... And NOW No SD card, reviewers making money is fine just don't talk on behalf of people!
dave comish
dave comish Pred 17 urami
Come with a charger and headphones? Next thing you'll be telling us it has an sd card slot 😂
Paul B
Paul B Pred 17 urami
What a loser !
Nour Issa
Nour Issa Pred 17 urami
I don’t have Twitter 😢 but is it Batman ???? 😁
Neymond Pred 17 urami
me who wanted back "hey lew here back with another video" OG REMEMBERS
G̶x̶c̶c̶i̶b̶o̶i̶ Pred 17 urami
Me watching while using a note 9 since its my only phone: MY GODDAMN NOTE 9 ALMOST EXPLODED WHILE PLAYING MINECRAFT >:O
Johan Machado
Johan Machado Pred 17 urami
I just now noticed that the startup animation was made by some sort of cheap mobile video editing app
Sp Rint
Sp Rint Pred 17 urami
Yea but does it come with wheels?
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo Pred 17 urami
Turbo.... Lol
John Parfait
John Parfait Pred 17 urami
Why’d it have to be Twitter? Couldn’t be Instagram,Facebook,Snapchat,or anything else?
You Tube
You Tube Pred 17 urami
*Mactools on Instagram is the best*
Daniel Hutson
Daniel Hutson Pred 17 urami
What wallpaper is that at 3mins 7seconds ?
You Tube
You Tube Pred 17 urami
*Mactools on Instagram is the best*
salah tazlok
salah tazlok Pred 17 urami
Francisco Escobar
Francisco Escobar Pred 17 urami
Watch every update from 🇧🇿 Belize
Mr. Chicken Nugget
Mr. Chicken Nugget Pred 17 urami
My mate has like five bookshelves of laptop's. But which ones does he use?
Ez Swann
Ez Swann Pred 17 urami
I wanna review a phone soon :)
Jayson martinez ship 124
Jayson martinez ship 124 Pred 17 urami
I have a iphone xr
Ash Pred 17 urami
Just got the S20 Ultra it's my pandemic phone
Karin Benzema
Karin Benzema Pred 17 urami
I never know I’ll be able to see someone greet and legit like *MACTOOLS On lG* who helps me to fix my MacBook without any problems
Karin Benzema
Karin Benzema Pred 17 urami
I never know I’ll be able to see someone greet and legit like *MACTOOLS On lG* who helps me to fix my MacBook without any problems
Shady Aghabi
Shady Aghabi Pred 17 urami
Watching this on a Galaxy S4
Picaso Entertainment
Picaso Entertainment Pred 17 urami
It was awesome back then lol. Cheers.
Karin Benzema
Karin Benzema Pred 17 urami
I never know I’ll be able to see someone greet and legit like *MACTOOLS On lG* who helps me to fix my MacBook without any problems
EveryArtOutThere Pred 17 urami
Well, i don't have a Twitter account, but it was a nice DC reference you made there🤣🤣🤣
Kategee Pred 17 urami
I’m sorry, Lew, you’re amazing but, I’m a teenager and the most I have to spend on a phone is around 150 MAX. I get that’s not the most excoriating, but it’s slightly aroma to think this is a super weirdly cheap phone and people should be spending 300 minimum. This isn’t the reality for so many people! Please make videos for all of us!!!
santa sarkar
santa sarkar Pred 17 urami
Maurício Destri
Maurício Destri Pred 17 urami
I'm a fan. Of Lew, not apple. What a video!
eenayeah Pred 17 urami
Ladies and gentlemen, IT HAS A CHARGER IN THE BOX. *APPLAUSE*
Jhon Paul San Juan
Jhon Paul San Juan Pred 18 urami
Phantom black with the latercase. It would be amazing to own those two amazing things
Jhon Paul San Juan
Jhon Paul San Juan Pred 18 urami
Phantom black of s21 ultra
Mt Mt
Mt Mt Pred 18 urami
Adam Goebel
Adam Goebel Pred 18 urami
Guys....I just saw this phone at Best Buy. They had test models out for each one. This phone is BEAUTIFUL. My favorite is the S21 ultra! It's lighter, not too big, not too small, and the camera bumbs deffinitely seems smaller and less bulgy! The camera is AWESOME! Love the design.... the phone feels very premium/sturdy. I don't know why they are making the release date so secret... I have the note 20 ultra but I am TOTALLY getting this phone. Also I would have to say the regular S21 and + model feels more updated/modern with the completely flat screen. The ultra still has a very slightly curved may not seem too different than the s20 ultra except for the smaller camera bumb and matte finish.
Slap Woods
Slap Woods Pred 18 urami
not rlly impressive knowing your gonna cover with a case
Saw Zal
Saw Zal Pred 18 urami
where to buy them
A.T. Cunningham
A.T. Cunningham Pred 18 urami
Cool with the colors
Harpreet Nazran
Harpreet Nazran Pred 18 urami
Apple.. The PRO-ctologist
Josué Castro
Josué Castro Pred 18 urami
Anyone knows the background song the cool one??🔥🔥
OFF•YA Manes1*1
OFF•YA Manes1*1 Pred 18 urami
Answer: Bat man Can't tweet the answer because my phone can't handle it Twitter just whatsap.
Alex El Misionero
Alex El Misionero Pred 18 urami
Am I the only one who saw a dog passing by ?
NuNu Suth
NuNu Suth Pred 18 urami
Preordered mine yesterday! I just got the smallest of the s21 series! I traded in my s9! Will get mine on the 29th! Got it in white! Thanks for the review!!
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Pred 18 urami
When your math teacher say find x You : teacher i found it Teacher : show me You : its the new oppo find x Teacher :😠😠 get the ff out here
Snapshots Pred 18 urami
Thanks unbox therapy, please make unboxing for VIVO IQOO 7,it has the fastest charging ever.
Jose Pred 18 urami
I dont have a tweeter account, guess i have no chance at wining one of this. 😔
dazzy dazzy.
dazzy dazzy. Pred 18 urami
I bought my MacBook a year and a half ago, it had burning smells inside just less than a month ago but wouldn’t turn on one day later. I called apple up and there’s nothing they can do for my pretty new £1000 computer because ‘it’s out of the 1 year warranty'. I’m so done with them there was never even any storage available on the computer with 80gb of 120gb being take up by 'the system'.
Reaper Gaming
Reaper Gaming Pred 18 urami
My saddest say in history will be the day he makes his last video
Tlotlo Senai
Tlotlo Senai Pred 18 urami
Lew, not ak of your fanbase is on Twitter. Consider us to as we'll never get a chance to win gifts if it'll only be through Twitter
Palosrob: MakaElectric Rebuttal Channel
Palosrob: MakaElectric Rebuttal Channel Pred 18 urami
You referenced George clooney's batman!
Paul Cookie
Paul Cookie Pred 18 urami
that ceiling is breathtaking
Kristine Joy Sillorequez
Kristine Joy Sillorequez Pred 18 urami
Want one 😭.. I'm torn between phantom pink and phantom violet...
Akshhansh Dhawan
Akshhansh Dhawan Pred 18 urami
samsung called , they want their colors back
Tobi P
Tobi P Pred 18 urami
Can i Take my egpu just with thunderbolt 3?
Steven Dungan
Steven Dungan Pred 18 urami
I think it could be used in the military or something
Attie Smit
Attie Smit Pred 18 urami
Its spiderman
Shifu Matt
Shifu Matt Pred 18 urami
That was louddddd 😂😂
Flopsie 1811
Flopsie 1811 Pred 18 urami
Just a question can I use them on my ps4?
NoNeed 4Name
NoNeed 4Name Pred 18 urami
In the span of 10 years the smartphones went from 16 GBs of storage to RAM. Just wow
RizwAn Bhai Shaikh
RizwAn Bhai Shaikh Pred 18 urami
Video Awesome to
RizwAn Bhai Shaikh
RizwAn Bhai Shaikh Pred 18 urami
RizwAn Bhai Shaikh
RizwAn Bhai Shaikh Pred 18 urami
Nice bro
Adonai Victor
Adonai Victor Pred 18 urami
It just hit me when you changed the lights!!!The amount of public release parties you can host in that room !!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 if I make a dope product I need to hit you up 😂
glbernini0 Pred 18 urami
Please make a more affordable version!!!!
zutrong Pred 18 urami
3:12 Seems to be more than an inch thick... I mean it's great, but I wouldn't call this "impossibly slim"
Andrew VanBezooijen
Andrew VanBezooijen Pred 18 urami
Wait was that a Keyence Digital Microscope photo of the back surface texture?
Qaiser khan
Qaiser khan Pred 18 urami
mi 11 unboxing and review
Oscar Uribe
Oscar Uribe Pred 18 urami
Does a review of new product . . Doesn't provide product model or any information on pricing
RETOUCH timelape
RETOUCH timelape Pred 18 urami
If u send a phone to me with ur autograph and ur friendz behind the camera that will be nice 😇
Brian Mc
Brian Mc Pred 18 urami
Man they did it right with the leather case thats OG the old Razr use to have the hard plastic holdester or the leather pouch
Judah Hugs
Judah Hugs Pred 18 urami
Y is part 2 older then part 1
Syed Shayan Gillani
Syed Shayan Gillani Pred 18 urami
Me waiting for him to say I'll be giving these away
Georgie Velazquez
Georgie Velazquez Pred 18 urami
I really need it
mps Pred 18 urami
olive green h&m hoodie ftw! wearing the same one right now :)
Marc Pred 18 urami
That shit made me laugh. That's the proper way of rivalling absurd.
Kramjoe Mabao
Kramjoe Mabao Pred 18 urami
Finlay McEwan
Finlay McEwan Pred 18 urami
As a tech reviewer your job is to help your audience understand. People come to you to hear your opinion, they don't want it to be left open to interpretation. If your first video was so unclear that you feel the need to make a second video explaining yourself, then you have failed. It's so blindingly obvious that you sold out that watching you defending yourself is laughable. You're acting like your audience is stupid and it's insulting.
Owura Yaw
Owura Yaw Pred 18 urami
Hope I get this one. Been phoneless for 9 months. Actually watching this on my mum's phone.♥️♥️♥️
Alireza Hosseinmardi
Alireza Hosseinmardi Pred 18 urami
you can afford it; get that +100 inch models